Flames and more.

I’ve have some interesting experiences lately. I’ve cleared my head (literally) with a beeswax cone. You take the cone and place it in your ear allowing it to burn slowly. The funnel of air it creates sucks out junk from your head. When you clean the cone out all this powder comes out. That’s what’s from your ear. YUCK!

I’m for the moment a blonde. Gentlemen prefer blonde. Blondes have more fun. Actually it’s kind of yellow.

On the way to the hall this morning I passed a yard where several guys were playing football. It was such a classic scene – I wanted to stop and watch. Reminded me of Thanksgiving around here, and football game in the front yard. I guess I won’t be seeing that this year.
I got to the hall and was a little late. It was a quarter after ten. No one was there. I look at my calender… maybe it was a Special Assembly Day? Nope. Mentally confirmed with myself that it was indeed Sunday and 10 AM. Check. Well, don’t know what’s going on. Drove back home. Sit down at my computer – and it asks me if I’ll check to see that it’s auto change for Daylight Savings Time is correct. Huh? It’s not daylight savings time… Oooooh. Why do I question the one thing that really knows what time it is! I guess I should change the rest of my clocks then now, huh?

Well I as usual come across some slightly profound thought which increases my understanding of myself. This week it’s that I need someone to share my space, my life with me. You can share with someone else. Their space, their life, and end up completely abandoning your own. That’s fine if you can handle it. But I need my life. I like it, I built it and it has definate good points. My house is comfy. A place to come home to. You step out of the shower and your feet hit a cushy bathmat which soaks up the excess water. I can run around naked until I dry off and just feel slightly silly. I can make a mess in the kitchen as I’m cooking. And then clean it up. (I always try not to make a mess anyways.) If I want clean underwear or jeans, I pick them out of the drawer, or wash them. I know how to operate the TV, VCR and Stereo, and can plop on the couch to do so at anytime. All my stuff is in my bathroom, readily accessible – Hence, taking a shower or bath isn’t a production. My bed is nice and large. My pillow devine. My teddy bears close by to keep an eye on me. A TV to fall alseep to. The ability to watch a movie in bed. Sleeping in. A lazy Sunday. EVERY Sunday. No emails to be read, no message boards to scan, no lists of things to be done. Just good books, movies, walks, rollerblading, or even doing the laundry. Nothing much to accomplish, except feeling good, and then you’re somehow ready to face the next week.
So is it so bad, my life? No, I don’t think so. I’m just wishing for someone who can share my life with me just as much as I share theirs.


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