, Day Two

Day Two at – picking up things here and there from the class. Refining skills. Decided I don’t like Fireworks near as much as ImageReady. Although Fireworks has a cool full jusification setting for text.

I need to find out where Web Designers would go to discuss indepth web design stuff. Like the best way to implement crazy designs – A more creative type class than functional or learning software.

The Moon’s Nest Inn is an adorable place, but we are disconnected from the world! No internet, telephones or T.V.’s in our rooms! Ack! And people can’t call in, you have to call out! Curtis joked about “Hotel California”.

One perk about being in Southern Cali in December. They have outdoor heated pools! I baked in the jacuzzi then went swimming. It was nice swimming underneath the moon and the stars in the warm night.

Every trip I take only emphasis’ the fact that it’s not where you go, it’s who you’re with.


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