Cast Away

Hmmm… Christmas Day. All the world is closed. A very nice day. Yet another morning not waking until lunchtime. Movies, movies, movies in sweats and crashed on the couch. The Muppets Take Manhattan. The Nutcracker. My Cousin Vinny. The Story of Us. Tommy Boy. Varsity Blues. Finally to the theatre for the 10:20 showing of Cast Away. Good movie.

Put my house up on the market on Saturday. Have to do some repairs though. Trim work where Danielle (my puppy) was teething. Also some drywall patching where she apparently thought she’d escape the bathroom. Minor stuff – just the kind of thing that makes me wish I had a handy guy handy. Got to pick up the yard, sweeping away leaves. The left over shreds of the cover to my grill… another of Danielle’s adventures. I hope it sells quick. I want to make a move. Claim my independence in a step. We’ll see though – it’s winter.

It’s Monday – so nice to not really think about it. I have the whole rest of the week off… It’ll be so hard to go back to a work schedule – but so nice to have consistency again by the time it gets here.


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