Interpersonal Communication: Self Disclosure Exercise

You will need to find a partner to complete this exercise. Although it is possible to do this experience online, I think you might enjoy it more with face-to-face communication. Your partner could be your spouse (significant other), a friend, or family member. Each person will ask the other questions from the list. Participants in this exercise are encouraged to go in to detail with their answers and avoid 1-2 word responses. Either party may choose to pass on a question, but that person must not ask that same question of the other party. You do not need to record your responses.

  1. How did you follow and or violate the rules for disclosing? (p.313-316)
    1. I feel like we didn’t violate any of the rules because I feel comfortable enough that I don’t feel like you would use any of what I said against me or anything.
    2. I was honest and open because it was my roommate I was answering the questions with so I didn’t have to question many of the guidelines such as the amount and type of disclosure, is it reasonable (the risk), and would it be constructive.
  2. What type of responses did you provide for the disclosure? (p.309)
    1. All of them. Facts about what I like opinions of what I feel to be correct and my feelings on how I feel as a woman. I don’t feel like we had any stock responses. We gave honest opinions fact and our feelings.
    2. I agree. I don’t think we used any clichés; we were just real and honest. I think this exercise would have been entirely different had I chosen to do it with my boyfriend instead.
  3. Why is self-disclosure an important skill in interpersonal relationships?
    1. The skill is important because everyone is different and by self disclosing with someone you have an interpersonal relationship you can understand where they are coming from, even if you don’t agree.


  1. Which sex do you think has it easier? Why?
    1. Male, because even though they have to deal with more responsibility at times there is somewhat of a simplification in the modern social life for males, and there is still a lot of sexism in the world that makes it easier for them, and they don’t have to deal with the emotional side of their being.
    2. Male, because they don’t have to deal with the responsibility of child birth and raising tomorrow’s future. Anything they take on they are granted the accolades for, whereas mothers, and women in the corporate world, are treated with out regard for their achievements.
  2. If you woke up one morning as the other sex, what would you like to look like?
    1. 6 foot 4 and 240lbs and brown hair with a full head of hair, and blue eyes. I would be stocky but fit, my hands would have the appearance that I’ve worked with them and my eyes would have sun lines.
    2. 6 foot 4, and trim but broad shouldered. I would be tan from natural sun exposure and aged well at about 35 years old.
  3. What behavior does the other sex do that you just don’t understand?
    1. I don’t understand how males turn off their emotions. I don’t understand that switch, how they can feel it, but turn off any outward display of that emotion. Sometimes it’s just so weird because you know they feel it, and they’ll even tell you, but they just won’t deal with it.
    2. I don’t understand how men are so clueless to women. They can be handed the instructions manual and still be lost. I have told men over and over what to do to respond in situations with their significant other, and yet they seem to think they know better, and are baffled when they find out their way was wrong!
  4. What three things do you most enjoy about your current occupation? What three things do you dislike the most?

    My Roomate

      • I enjoy:
          1. Being able to give an opportunity that they might not be able to do otherwise.
          2. I like schmoozing with clients and customers.
          3. I enjoy the people that I work with.
        • I dislike:
          1. Ignorant people or those who think they’re #1 without reason.
          2. Not always having control of the situation.
          3. That at times it’s repetitive.


            • Like:
                1. The ability to affect the way millions of people work and how they will touch the world.
                2. To work for a company that is respected worldwide.
                3. The chance to work with amazingly brilliant people who continue to push the edge of technology.
                • I dislike:
                  1. The overwhelming amount of men versus women in my workplace.
                  2. The arrogance of co-workers.
                  3. The culture of working massive amount of hours to feel like you’re somebody. It’s all a joke. 
                  <li><strong>What is your idea of the perfect vacation?</strong>
                  1. A small bungalow on a very sparsely populated island with the man I love, with lots of barbequing, beer, and sleeping on the beach.
                  2. Maui or Jamaica, beautiful weather with sun and sand.
                1. What are your biggest turn-ons and turn-offs when you first meet someone of the opposite sex?
                  1. Turn On’s. A confident person comfortable with themselves, outgoing and relaxed while being slightly cocky. Turn Offs. Know it alls who don’t know how to admit when they’re wrong.
                  2. Turn On’s. Confidence and a sparkle in their eye. Someone who has the means to capture my interest and the intelligence to back it up. Turn Offs. Abrasive dumb-asses who think they’re all that and can have any girl they want.
                2. What did your parents tell you about dating?
                  1. Don’t wait too long! My dad always told me that just because some one thinks you’re a prize doesn’t mean you are their prize. So make sure to find yourself a prize.
                  2. Don’t be alone with men. And you don’t owe them anything.
                3. Do nice guys/girls finish last? Why? Or Why not?
                  1. You can’t be nice, you have to be true. And sometimes the truth isn’t nice, and sometimes the truth isn’t what finishes first. So it’s not about whether you’re nice or not, it’s whether or not you’re true.
                  2. No. Nice guys can’t cut it. You have to have balls.
                4. Describe two qualities do you notice about a person right when you meet them.
                  1. Their humor, and their ability to understand where someone else is coming from. So they might not know exactly what you’re talking about, but they get where you’re coming from.
                  2. Their effervescence. The way the can light up a room, and people are drawn to them.
                5. What is the toughest thing about being your sex?
                  1. The moment where you have to question whether or not someone is speaking to you because they are interested what you have to say or they are just looking at your chest.
                  2. The way you always have to question what got you where you are. That you know you deserve it, but you’re not sure that’s what got you the chance in the first place.
                6. Which Disney character are you most like?
                  1. Daffy Duck
                  2. Goofy
                7. What do you think you are going to be doing in five years?
                  1. I will be in a serious relationship while my career is steady advancing.
                  2. Just as confused as ever.
                8. What has been one of your greatest challenges so far?
                  1. Learning how to tell people that they think they know you and they know what you should do that you know better.
                  2. Being true to myself.

                9. What do you (did) like about dating? What do (did) you hate about dating?
                  1. I like the fact that you have the change to tell someone about yourself and hearing about them. Because at the beginning it’s all new and you see all the good stuff. What I hate about dating is sometimes you wish you could get pass the bullshit and just be settled.
                  2. I like falling for someone, connecting and finding a place together. I dislike the disappointment of feeling as though you have reached the end and there is no further, but that you feel like that’s unfair.
                10. Can men and women really be “just friends?” How do you feel about your significant other having friends of the opposite sex?
                  1. I believe that is possible, however it has to be done with the utmost of care. If I had a significant other, if I had someone I was really comfortable with then I would be comfortable with that, as long as they are open and honest about their relationship.
                  2. I don’t believe that men and women should maintain relationships beyond their significant others after a certain point. There is an intimacy that should be protected and preserved. I believe the bond shared between a man and a woman is one that turns into something that violates intimacy.
                11. Standard

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