Survey Question 1

Lost your phone? Lose your numbers? Disconnected.

In this connected world, it seems like we’d all be super concerned with making sure we back up our data. But, that’s just not really the case.

Get this, last summer I was visiting my old stomping grounds in Seattle and at an after hours bar (read: drinking a bit, maybe) I excused myself to the ladies room. With my iPhone in my back pocket of my jeans — and then in the toilet — I became a member of the iTurds club. /sigh.

Thankfully I had everything backed up via my iTunes and when I got a new phone voilà it just worked again.

But that wasn’t the case a few years back when I hung up my phone after a lovely late night call in bed, and dropped the cell to my night stand (in my defense, the night stand was really low and the bed was really high)… plunk! Uh, yeah. Phone and numbers, gone.


Facebook didn’t exist back then, or at least not in my world. So I didn’t really have an option to spam all my friends begging for them to send me all their numbers. I’m kind of glad actually, I mean that’s embarrassing, and turns out a couple of days after my dead phone baked in my car in the oppressive summer Texas heat, it miraculously worked again!

You’d think I’d learn, but I’ll admit its only recently that I’ve gotten real about my contact management. You see I left my job at Yahoo! to head further south for fun and sun in San Diego. My phone was connected to my corporate Microsoft Exchange account. Yeah. Disconnected. All my data, my contacts, my email, my social calendar were all gone in an instant.

Well, I hope some of you realize that I’m smarter than I look. At least I know I’m as smart as I am cute (begging for validation here, folks!) and thus you might know I actually had prepared for that moment. I’m just rambling on because these are my stories… and others aren’t as fortunate to have been geeky for 15+ years. Do you get what I’m saying? You need me, and you know it! 🙂

Before I get around to solving for all my friends and family in the back up your contacts great debacle, I did a little survey. Hey, what’s a designer supposed to do but research first!

Here’s the results.

While you’re at it, maybe you want to back up your Blackberry Contacts?

Survey Question 1

Nearly 60% have some kind of backup, but 30% only have their phone numbers on their phone. Eek!

Survey Question 2

50% haven't lost their phone and/or numbers, yet.

Survey Question 3

70% of you have gotten that dreaded email, but only a gracious 14% admit to hating getting those Facebook messages.


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