The Uber Experience

I’m just sitting here thinking about how big tomorrow’s taxi strike in SF is going to be as a disruptor for change, potentially of über proportions.

Uber supports SF with 50% of rides during tomorrow’s strike.

I’ve taken two @über rides in as many days, and both drivers were all too happy to tell me about their @über experiences. It’s actually been a little bit of a fascination of mine since having talked to @ryangraves and @austypants last fall.

Each time I’ve interviewed a driver, they can clearly articulate their experience from the technical aspects, the impact on their lives, work, and their service for their patrons.

As for me, every time I have an über experience, it’s just that. Über drivers treat me as I was taught women are to be treated, and with the respect that all deserve, but to which we are largely unaccustomed this days. I don’t have to cross the street to accommodate pickup—my driver’s wouldn’t have it!

The other night, I was quietly embarrassed —I had popped into the car so quick, grabbing for the handle in my New Yorker style. As I settled in I realize in my haste I’d missed one of the moments I love the most. These gentlemen driver’s who strive to open my door for me, on arrival and exit. Oops. I must remember to slow down more, to enjoy the ride, to enjoy the über-experience.

As for the drivers, I have to say they seem so much happier, and report so, than their Yellow counterparts. This leaves me to wonder what a world would be like where more driver’s are happy people who safely carry their patrons from one location to another.

I gladly pay a $1 more per tab in restaurants in San Francisco so staff may have full health and dental benefits. I wonder what benefits Über driver’s have, besides those I see empirically.

All I know is that tomorrow in San Francisco, so many people will experience Über for the first time out of desperation …and it’s the experience that will bring them back, and that can influence change.

I for one intend to avoid white-knuckled cab rides, as I still shudder when I recall a harrowing ride with @cap on the way to the movie theatre once.

How big can that change get? I dunno, and I’m out of time to speculate now, but I hope someone inside is already on it, and I support them whole heartedly. They are taking care of my friends—Paulo, Jesse, Roger, Martin, Carlos, Tulio, and Lucas.

I hope cabbies get what they are looking for tomorrow—but if not, maybe it’s time for an über change?


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