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Creative Tools Specification

Stephen Jenvey, as per my style I am listening to waves crash to some

[thesaurus: words for beautiful sounds; retrieve:images, music; sort: color, timbre; todo:look for a better word here. i’m trying to capture how magical it is to be able to think freely and design the future because you can see clearly, now the rain is gone.]

does that designer language speak to your interface?

i know what you are i are doing. i have jimmy on board, i have a cultural team in formation, i have all the resources we need. i just need you and your family for whatever duration you can afford to stay in La Jolla, specifically between Windansea Beach and Bird Rock.

if you can afford the time, i can find everything else.

i want to share all my ideas with the world. i know the people who know how i see it. you, and mario, and lars must convene in my presence at once.

hehe. see how that seems so imperative that you wish to obey as you love me so? i just think of that psychology because i’m thinking of

[google:the sword of truth series main character who was blonde and short and i imagined adorable until i saw the first cover with her and she was featured in red leather… oh, and while you’re at it search for the books Griffin and Sabine to INSERT into project TIGEREYES for LARRY to ACT on. CONNECT Larry and Zachary and Gaby Hoffman. Connect over vision for movie, invite Hollywood Hill volunteers. REMIND: I expect to begin Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes movie launch after I complete finding a place to hang out with my friends so we can build better tools for humanity. Think Apple but more like I imagine it must have begun. I wonder if Jobs smoked pot? I’ve been watching a lot of Jim Henson. I wish I could have met him, I imagine if my dad was still alive I’d find out that he adored him as much as I… but the only cultural history of my father remaining in my access is an old [google image: list means of recording film, -1983 “Matthew Raymond Niblick”] REMIND: After done with this, I should search for my dad’s stuff. But I want to save the world first. Why was it so hard to share Cottleston Pie? Why is everyone so busy they can’t help me? I know I’m not alone. I went to Bird Rock and I ran into every person I needed. And you know what? Each one of us come from somewhere outside Bird Rock to come to our Bird Rock Coffee Roasters… its the cultural center of community with the Gidget era of culture… no wonder i find my way here. i wish could remember who it was that named me… but the reality is, no one is going to remember. she was just a temp who worked at the bank for a couple of days. we were all too busy to notice her, except i remember her. [google image: female red dress bank of america nationsbank ncnb marketing brand 1996]]

You get the point. I need better tools.

I think every body gets the point.

Now, I just want everyone to think.

We’re coming back, and all you need to know is how you can help us.


[INSERT elliott smith because OMIT lyrics CC expressive work FLICKR house on ocean with wide frontage and no cars to run over people who aren’t paying attention because reality is we’re all too busy and looking at the ocean; whether you’re behind the wheel or the one about to get hit, unless some one is there to save you from… ]

…if you give us land, we’ll build a house.

…if you give us a shack, we’ll tear down the walls

[MASH: sugar shack image SIDE tom wolfe, wsc, malibu, gidget, electric kool-aid CUR: imagine photos of people rather than an @symbol or an email address or some other inhuman way of labeling me like a prisoner in reality. i don’t live in your reality.]

can we talk about the future?

contact stephen jenvey for financial investment, or mario esposito for emotional investment. we just need to know how much you can give, so we can plan how much we can give back.

…you give us everything we need…

and we’ll find more pressing problems to solve.

Bring me Eris, she deserves to work from home whenever she desires. I have to go to Martha’s Vineyard anyway, we’ll co-locate to reasonable vicinities’ to our rat race cultural

promote human investment for human capitalism, i call it evolution of mind.

don’t we have better things to do?

i’m going to see gaia soon. let’s talk, because i need to go somewhere quieter to think. i love you all, but i need to find myself to find where i’m going next. if you see what i want to deliver, then i have faith that delivering it is no problem.

and if not, i will deliver it, or i will die trying.

luckily, as i had that realization… just a few days ago… i went to bird rock coffee roasters, and a funny thing happened.



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