RIP Roxie

Roxie died.

July 11, 2011

Roxie and my first day together. Thank you Loni


Bird Rock Surf Shop on the way home.

Roxie and Johnny's package

Home Sweet Home, Roxie & Angie
6262 Neptune Pl #15, La Jolla, CA 92037


Seeds of Peru haven’t sprouted on my arm yet…

Roxie loves being scratched.

Tuckered out… a long way home from Pacific Beach to Windansea!

Roxie Nap

My princess.

Lovely Rose Rosie Roxie

July 12, 2011

Our first day at home together.

Roxie loves Aloe by the Sea

Spunky Gidget and her Roxie

We <3 Gary


Erik, Megan and "Johnny" Zack

July 13-19, 2011

… after July 19th …

Max Diaz and the ride


California Cool

Windansea, from my patio

Sugar Shack Sunset

My sunset

Another sunset

July 28th

Roxie came home! Long story… Choose your own adventure…

We were separated for a few days…

Roxie checks out the Crazy Chaos

Roxie came home!


Roxie in My Room

Look at that Tongue!

Roxie and Johnny (Skype)


Gidget's bike

July 29, 2011

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Like I told Johnny, “daydreams are good for me, and babies and puppies are better“…

July 30, 2011

Gidget and Roxie

August 1, 2011

Peace and Tranquility


For Obsolete Children

April 13, 2011

The last photo of Roxie… with my grandpa’s guitar.

Roxie & Grandpa’s Guitar

Roxie’s last day…

“Surfs Up: And like that, they’re gone!” — 12:49pm

Surfs Up: And like that, they're gone!

Thanks to Windansea for taking care of Roxie’s burial at sea.



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