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Mira Parfitt. I just love a woman on guitar rocking Rainbows.

Follow Mira via the San Diego Reader

(Taken with Instagram at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters)

One of the day dreams I’ve had is to help young artists find their audience. Mira Parfitt (@miraparfitt) was one of those people who inspired that in me.

Update January 21, 2013: Mira released New Plaid Shirt on Mira Parfitt, her own label.

The photo below was taken at my favorite San Diego Coffee shop, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, and is nearly two years earlier.

Hey, I took that photo! 💕“I just love a woman on guitar rocking Rainbows.”
— @ang RE @miragoto Rockin’ Rainbows and her favorite plaid flannel shirt playing her guitar, singing for Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

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