My Momma: Arlene Jean Schaadt Baxley

I was talking with my momma this morning about orthomolecular medicine, and all the work she’s done to help people achieve better health over the years. Most often when I’m thinking about my momma in this regard, I think of how it is that she’s responsible for bringing life to families struggling to have children. What more beautiful work can there be as a humanitarian than to care for the quality of human life, and it’s propagation through it’s generations of families?

Needless to say, I’m proud of my momma. Recently she’s been a wonder-woman dealing with the mad chaos I’ve stirred up delightedly this past summer, the “Beautiful Mind” as I refer to it, and the “Human Virus” and my pursuit of the realization of a “Human Internet” or network. While we started out on slippery ground, for a notable moment of absence on the day you’d look back and say mattered most, she’s been the wind beneath my wings, and the only ground by which I lay my feet to rest.

Momma is responsible for protecting my legalities. She formed my business, Baxley Studios, this month a year ago. Baxley Studios was formed as a S-Corp in the great state of Delaware where my 45th great grandfather, George Read, signed of the Declaration of Independence, was a Continental Congressman from Delaware, and delegate to the U.S. Constitutional Convention of 1787, President of Delaware, a member of the Federalist Party, and served as U.S. Senator from Delaware and Chief Justice of Delaware. Let’s just say it’s about keeping it in the family.

Momma also made sure that my body was protected after the atrocities that came to be thanks to the County of San Diego and the great snafu of July 2011. More on that later, but suffice to say that my momma is both my executor (hehe) and power of attorney, in all things from estate management to my advance medical directive. Proud of my blood, quite literally, and my former unmarred medical history, together we’ve documented the medical drama surround my cuckoo’s nest squatting.

Momma is quite simply my chief operating officer, both in business, in blood, and in life.

My momma is also an orthomolecular medicinal therapist, an area of science forged by her cousin Linus Pauling. Pauling coined the term to refer to focuses on using the right nutritional molecules in the right amounts for the individual’s biochemistry. Optimum nutrition and orthomolecular medicine are nutritional health and medical approaches which posit that many diseases and abnormalities result from various chemical imbalances or deficiencies and can be prevented, treated, or sometimes cured by achieving optimal levels of naturally occurring chemical substances, such as vitamins, dietary minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, lipotropes, essential fatty acids, prohormones, dietary fiber and intestinal short chain fatty acids.

To honor my momma, I’m reminding her that the blood she’s spent endless hours studying, is indeed a bloodline that ties us together as a network, a family. And we have one magnificent family (we’re also given to hyperthymic temperaments, and bruising with high homocysteine levels). I’ll be launching her a website which allows her to both share her expertise, but also to allow direct access for folks to purchase nutritional supplements. It’s sort of a thank you to my momma. It’s about time that brick-and-mortar Purely Herbs of Charlotte, North Carolina became an online entity. Again, as a nod to our family, you’ll find her site at Because behind every great woman is her momma.

Famous People related to Arlene Jean Baxley

RID=38392957; UP=8; DN=6 Linus Pauling (1901-1994)
American Chemist
Linus Pauling was an American chemist, famous for his work in applying quantum mechanics to chemistry and his campaign against above-ground nuclear testing. For his work in both of these fields he was awarding two Nobel Peace Prizes.


RID=22481484; UP=12; DN=3 John Morton (1724-1777)
Pennsylvania Representative
John Morton arrived late when the Continental Congress was voting over independence. He was allowed to vote and did so in favor of Independence; his was the deciding vote. He signed Declaration of Independence for Pennsylvania.


RID=12650193; UP=10; DN=6 Lucy Ware Webb Hayes (1831-1889)
First Lady
Lucy Ware Webb Hayes convinced her husband, Rutherford B. Hayes, to fight in the Union army and to oppose slavery. He later became an influential part of the abolitionist cause.


RID=115806949; UP=11; DN=5 William Henry Harrison (1773-1841)
9th President of the United States of America
William Henry Harrison is famous for having the longest inauguration speech and shortest term of any president. He was the first president to die in office; he died of pneumonia only 30 days into his term.


RID=25843403; UP=10; DN=7 Lillian Gish (1893-1993)
American Actress
Lillian Diana de Guiche, or Lillian Gish, is known as the “first lady of the silent screen” and starred in many silent films including The Birth of a Nation and The Scarlet Letter. Her career spanned over 75 years and countless television and film appearances.


RID=4159538; UP=10; DN=8 Edgar Lee Masters (1868-1950)
American Writer
Edgar Lee Masters is the author of several biographies, books of poetry, plays and novels. His most famous work is “Spoon River Anthology” which was inspired by his experiences growing up in Illinois.


RID=24548696; UP=12; DN=6 John Peters Ringo (1850-1882)
American Outlaw
John Peters “Johnny” Ringo became a legend of the Old West because of his alleged involvement in the gunfight at the OK Corral and his association with the Clanton Gang.


RID=19760062; UP=11; DN=7 Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901)
23rd President of the United States of America
Grandson of President William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison was the 23 President of the United States. During his term 6 states joined the United States and the Sherman Antitrust Act, an act which prohibited monopolies, was passed.


RID=3955223; UP=10; DN=9 Rosalynn Smith Carter (1927-)
First Lady
Rosalynn Smith Carter was named “The Steel Magnolia” by the White House press corp. for her Southern sweetness and tenacity.


RID=26048079; UP=14; DN=5 William Faulkner (1897-1962)
American Author
Mississippi native William Cuthbert Faulkner was known for his long, winding sentences. Some of his famous novels include Go Down Moses and As I lay Dying.


RID=739171; UP=12; DN=7 Lou Henry Hoover (1874-1944)
First Lady
Lou Henry Hoover, wife of Herbert C. Hoover created a period style sitting room with furniture owned by James Madison. She also restored Abraham Lincoln’s study so her husband could use it.


Mary Harrison McKee (1858-1930)
First Lady
Mary Scott Harrison McKee was the First Lady to her father, Benjamin Harrison, when her mother passed away.


Richard Allen (1760-1831)
Reverend, ex-slave
Richard Allen was an African American pastor and the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He was born as a slave to a colonial jurist.


John Browning (1855-1926)
John Browning was a firearms designer who developed a variety of weapons, cartridges, and gun mechanics.


Sir Frank Whittle (1907-1996)
British Inventor
Not many people took Frank Whittle seriously when he introduced his plans to create a jet engine. As an officer in the Royal Air Force, he helped to change the face of military tactics.


RID=34699176; UP=18; DN=2 George Stephenson (1781-1848)
English Engineer
English inventor and engineer George Stephenson invented the steam operated locomotive. He is also called “The Father of Railways”. The railway gauge called “The Stephenson Gauge” is named for him.


RID=16349384; UP=12; DN=8 Helen Herron Taft (1861-1943)
First Lady
First Lady Helen Herron Taft’s (wife of William Howard Taft) most famous social gathering at the White House served several thousand guests in honor of their silver wedding anniversary.


RID=22038627; UP=12; DN=8 Robert Laird Borden (1854-1937)
Former Prime Minister
Robert Laird Borden was the 8th Prime Minister of Canada. He was the first Canadian Prime Minister to attend a British cabinet meeting.


John Ledyard (1751-1789)
American Explorer
John Ledyard was an explorer who assisted Captain James Cook in the discovery of Hawaii.


RID=21538790; UP=12; DN=8 General Tom Thumb (Charles Stratton) (1838-1883)
Circus Performer
General Tom Thumb (born Charles Stratton) was taught to sing, dance, and act by circus pioneer P.T. Barnum. His small frame and many talents made him famous around the world.


RID=1741438; UP=12; DN=8 Charles Tupper (1821-1915)
Former Prime Minister
Sir Charles Napier Tupper, was a father of Confederation, the sixth Prime Minister of Canada and as of 2006, the one with the shortest term of office (69 days).


RID=44567168; UP=12; DN=8 Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)
American Novelist
Louisa May Alcott’s transcendentalist family supported abolitionist and feminist movements during the Civil War. Her family was the inspiration for her best known novels, Little Women and Little Men.


Edward Hopper (1882-1967)
American Painter
Edward Hopper was an American painter best remembered for his eerily realistic depictions of solitude in contemporary American life.


RID=127260218; UP=12; DN=9 Pretty Boy Floyd (1904-1934)
American Outlaw
American bank robber and alleged murderer, Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd robbed so many banks in the 1930s that there was a $56,000 reward on his head.


RID=18595371; UP=14; DN=7 George Eastman (1854-1932)
American Inventor
George Eastman founded the Eastman Kodak Co. and invented roll film. His invention was also a precursor for motion picture film.


RID=10289711; UP=12; DN=9 Raymond Massey (1896-1983)
Canadian Actor
Raymond Hart Massey became famous from his traditional American roles even though he was Canadian. He starred in films such as Abe Lincoln in Illinois and How the West Was Won.


RID=20641173; UP=12; DN=10 Byron White (1917-2002)
Football Star and Supreme Court Justice
Byron White was nicknamed “Whizzer” during his days playing football for the University of Colorado Buffaloes. He played for the Steelers (formerly the Pirates). He later became a Supreme Court Justice.


RID=76500728; UP=16; DN=6 Mary McElroy (1841-1917)
First Lady
Mary Arthur McElroy was the sister of President Chester A. Arthur, and assumed the role of First Lady because Arthur’s wife had died a year and a half earlier.


RID=44003429; UP=12; DN=10 Ida Saxton McKinley (1847-1907)
First Lady
Ida Saxton McKinley suffered very poor health and many seizures during her time as First Lady to President William McKinley. She hosted her guests seated in a blue velvet wheel chair.


RID=19480291; UP=12; DN=10 Mamie Eisenhower (1896-1979)
First Lady
Mamie Doud Eisenhower was the wife of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Her popularity came from her beautiful clothes, her pride in her home and her husband, and her million dollar fudge recipe.


Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (1897-1935)
Charles Kingsford Smith was an Australian Aviation Pioneer. He was a legendary pilot who was the first to fly from the U.S. to Australia, and the first to fly non-stop across Australia.


Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson (1748-1782)
First Lady
Martha Jefferson was married to U.S. President Thomas Jefferson. She died before her husband became president, so she was never formally given the title of First Lady.


Cary Grant (1904-1986)
British-born, American Actor
Archibald Alexander Leach, better known by his screen name, Cary Grant, was an English film actor. With his distinctive Mid-Atlantic accent, he was noted as perhaps the foremost exemplar of the debonair leading man, not only handsome, but also witty and charming. He was named the second Greatest Male Star of All Time by the American Film Institute.


RID=78716524; UP=15; DN=13 William Charles Wentworth I (1790-1872)
Early Settler
Australian explorer, journalist, and politician William Wentworth was a leading figure of early New South Wales. He helped explore the Blue Mountains, founded a newspaper, and helped draft the New South Wales constitution.


RID=118065888; UP=13; DN=15 Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)
English Author
Rudyard Kipling was the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature. He wrote the famous children’s story The Jungle Book.

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