Family Tree: Magog

Eve the First Woman (4026 – 3074 BC) is your 133rd great grandmother (through Cain and Magog)

Son of Eve
Son of Seth
Son of Enos Enosh ben
Son of Cainan (Kenan)
Son of Mahalaleel
Son of Jared
Son of Enoch
Son of Methuselah
Son of Lamech
Son of Noah
Son of Japhet (Japheth)
Son of Magog
Son of Boath
Son of Phoeniusa Farsaidh (Fenius Farsa)
Son of Niul
Son of Gadhol Gael Gathelus
Son of Easru
Son of Sru
Son of Heber Scot
Son of Beouman
Son of Ogaman
Son of Tait
Son of Aghenoin
Son of Lamhfionn
Son of Heber Glunfionn
Son of Agnan Fionn
Son of Febric Glas
Son of Nenuall
Son of Nuadhad
Son of Alladh
Son of Arcadh
Son of Deag
Son of Brath
Son of Breoghan (Brigus)
Son of Bile
Son of Milesius Galamh
Son of Heremon
Son of Irial Faidh
Son of Eithrial
Son of Foll-Aich
Son of Tighernmas
Son of Enboath
Son of Smiomghall
Son of Fiacha Labhrainn
Son of Aongus Olmucach
Son of Main
Son of Rotheachtach
Son of Dein
Son of Siorna Saoghalach
Son of Eochaidh Oilioll Olchaoin I the Heremon Prince of the Scarlet Thread
Son of Giallchadh mac Oilioll Olchaoin
Son of Nuadhat I Fionnfoil mac Giallchadh
Son of Áedan Aodham Glas
Son of Siomon Breac mac Aodhan Glas
Son of Muireadhach I Bolgrach mac Siomon
Son of Fiacha Tolgrach
Son of Duach II Ladhgrach mac Fiachadh Tolgrach
Son of Eochaidh Buadhach
Son of Úgaine Mór King of Ireland
Son of Cobthach Cóel Breg King of Ireland
Son of Meilge Molbthach King of Ireland
Son of Irereo Fáthach King of Ireland
Son of Connla Cáem Cruaidchelgach King of Ireland
Son of Ailill Caisfiaclach King of Ireland
Son of Eochaid Ailtlethan Foltlethan King of Ireland
Son of Óengus Tuirmech Temrach King of Ireland
Son of Énna Aignech
Son of Labehra Labhra Suire Lorc
Son of Blathucha Blathacht
Son of Easamasn Easmhna Easamhun Ruadh
Son of Roighnen Ruadh (Rorzhmen)
Son of Feneogha Finnlogha
Son of Finn (Fian)
Son of Eochu Eochaid Feidlech
Son of Lugaid Riab nDerg
Son of Crimthann Nia Náir
Son of Feradach Finnfechtnach
Son of Fíachu Finnolach
Son of Túathal Techtmar
Son of Fedlimid Rechtmar
Son of Conn Cétchathach “of the Hundred Battles”
Son of Art Óenfer mac Cuinn
Son of Cormac mac Airt ua Cuinn King of Ireland
Son of Cairbre Lifechair King of Ireland
Son of Fiacha Sraibhtine King of Ireland
Son of Muiredach Tirech King of Ireland
Son of Eochaid Mugmedón King of Ireland
Son of Niall Noígíallach “Niall of the Nine Hostages” King of Ireland
Son of Eoghan Foghan Owen mac Néill King of Ireland, King of Tír Eoghain, and Prince of Inis Eoghain
Son of Eirc (or Muredach) King of Dalriada in Ireland
Son of Fergus Mór King of Dalradia in Argyleshire
Son of Domangart Réti mac Ferguso King of Dalriada in Argyleshire
Son of Gabrán mac Domangairt “the Treacherous”, King of Dalriada
Son of Áedán mac Gabráin King of Dalriada
Son of Eochaid (or Eochu, or Eochaidh) I Buidhe King of Dalriada and the Picts
Son of Domnall Brecc (Dongart) King of Scotland and Dalriada
Son of Dongart (Eugene VI) Macdomnail Domongart
Son of Eochaid II (Findon) of
Son of Eochaid III King of Scotland and Dalriada
Son of Aodh Hugh (Aed Find)
Son of Eochaid Achaius IV
Son of Alpin mac Echdach
Son of Kenneth Kinet I Mac Alpin
Son of Constantine I
Son of Donald II Dasachtach
Son of Malcolm I
Son of Kenneth II
Daughter of Malcolm II Mac Kenneth
Daughter of Doda
Daughter of Harlette
Son of Adelaide Adeliza of
Daughter of Stephen Blois Champagne Holderness
Son of Ada
Son of Walter IV
Son of Walter Thomas
Son of Walter
Son of John
Daughter of William
Daughter of Dorothy
Daughter of Margaret
Daughter of Elizabeth Harmon
Son of Dorothy Margerie
Daughter of Robert
Son of Anne Marie
Daughter of Thomas
Daughter of Elizabeth
Son of Elizabeth
Daughter of Elijah
Daughter of Christiana
Son of Anna
Son of Robert
Son of George Willick
Son of Rufus Clarence
Son of Roger Dale
You are the daughter of Matthew Raymond

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