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Because you’re mine, I walk the line…

Darryl Walks the Line for His Girl

One day you’ll remember this as the story about my husband and how he sealed the deal. He’s an amazing man, who stepped right into my crazy world and all the drama that seems to accompany a woman designed to live a story…

But for now it’s really simply my copy and pasting the declaration here so we can make sure that the story gets properly edited and refined.

Those who know me know how I feel about the law and the irony of anyone calling it the justice system, and one day you’ll know all the liberties the state of California has taken from my friends, and from me…

But this is just a copy-paste, and we’ll tell the story later.

So go about your day, and come back June 19th.

Thanks to JM, Josh, and Jason, random walker by Wade, and last but not least, my beloved Darryl: You guys have given me to courage to speak up and speak out when I see wrong, and have been invaluable to helping me find my voice in story telling.

This is my debute, because I realized I stopped telling stories because I don’t like talking about me — let’s talk about my neighbors:

Declaration for the state of California, filed June 13th as witness on behalf of Mark and Maryline Linares and defense against Sara LeCain, Brian Burchmore, et al.

This declaration is to address the events surrounding the incident on April 20, 2013, involving the neighbors Sara LeCain and Brian Burchmore, who I had previously never met.

In June 2012, I moved onto Seymour Street. My landlord, after having signed my lease and scheduled my move, told me a series of crazy stories about the neighbors – the Linares family – and was emphatically warning me to not talk to them at all. Not even a greeting. She said that several of the home owners on the block had been filming them, and gotten restraining orders filed against the neighbors at 7 Seymour Street. I said that I would not be affected by any previous orders, but she was clear that I should respect the orders and advised not speaking or interacting with the Linares in any manner, not even looking at them.

At that time, I was upset that I was locked into a lease without being made aware of such hostility and uncomfortable living situation. However, my POD was already scheduled to arrive, and I was committed to the lease — I moved in anyway.

On the day of move in, I had an issue. I asked Sonia, my landlord, if there was anyway anyone on the street could move their cars. The POD was to be delivered and left on the block, however the no-parking signs had not been put in place, and there was no parking space for the POD to be delivered. I gestured across the street to the long bed truck and asked about those neighbors, as we’d just have to ask them to move the one truck to make space for me.

She was clear and adamant that I shouldn’t approach them. She told me those were the neighbors who she’d warned me about. At that point in time I realized that this was an extremely emotional issue on the block, as there was no logic applied in her rational. However, I took her concerns with upmost seriousness because, while her emotions seemed to be out of balance, hers was the only information I had.

Hours later I am still hoping and praying, literally, for someone to come move any car. It would take three consecutive car spaces, or the one long bed construction truck.

I was on the phone with my mother sitting on the front stoop when Mark Linares came out on the street from his home and approached his truck.

I gasped. I was terrified of this man, as my landlord didn’t tell me anything that he’d done wrong, but had warned me extensively – that she would give such warnings without evidence of merit was my first discernment of an imbalance. My mother said that I should simply approach him, and say hello… I hung up the phone and did just that.

Mark Linares demeanor was cautious as I approached. I smiled and told my goofy story knowing that I was building to asking him to move his company truck to some unknown street parking, which is a HUGE favor in San Francisco, as any local would know. However, then the miracle happened.

Suddenly as we stood there, we both stopped because three people came out of homes and moved their vehicles in three consecutive spaces directly in front of my unit.

Mark immediately went into action on my behalf and offered and went to retrieve construction cones to help me reserve the spaces. I thanked my neighbor, I was so relieved that I was going to get to move in that day after all. Nothing like sleeping on the floor of an empty apartment thinking that that day is the last, when someone else’s mistake could be your problem!

As the months passed, I never met many neighbors and steered clear from my crazy cat lady landlord. Eventually I met Elaine, the Linares’ three year old daughter. I was fond of her as she reminds me of my own family, and I began to associate with the Linares family.

April 19, 2013 — Darryl Glass visited Seymour Street for two weeks in April, this was the trip before he asked me to marry him. We spent considerable time together with the Linares family who are like family to me, using their home as our own during his visit. After dinner on Friday night, we were all sitting around the table talking about the plans for their home renovation. I suggested that with Darryl there were enough hands to be able to take the fence down easily. Why didn’t we just go ahead and do it now? I ran home and changed real quick, and we all met on the street to take down the protection fence. The Linares had to install a fence because they had a dog which the neighbors complained about — despite all the other dogs on the street — and made them put in a fence immediately. A huge, ugly construction fence. Then the Linares dog died mysteriously, but the fence stayed. Because I live in the basement apartment directly across the street I was very interested in having the fence removed — it was an eyesore. I am a designer, and I hated seeing it. It made me feel bad knowing their family was stuck behind it.

We did it – we took down the fence. It only took a few minutes because you just had to remove the joints, and lay the pieces down. There wasn’t anything for me to do, so I snapped photos for my blog. I was so happy to see the fence come down! It became dark really fast, so we had to leave the rest of the project for the next day.

The next day I was back and forth across the street as the project continued. Two women were so happy to find the fence on Craigslist and came to take it away, and we made plans for what to plant in the space. I saw the neighbors come out on their porch earlier, and so I had waved and called out to the woman to say hello. (Darryl and I are both Southern, from North Carolina. We say hello to everyone.) She came down and I was friendly asking her what thoughts she had about planting along the property line. I was concerned not to plant anything that would be an allergen, and just wanted her preference for flowers or privacy.

She interrupted me and said that they — and pointed at the Linares family who were working in the front yard — cannot speak to them. I said, okay. I kept going with my conversation. So she started to tell me about the drama, and I tried to keep her talking about the flowers. The thing is, all the drama is public information. I work in technology and have for 15 years or more. I did my research after the crazy stories from Sonia, my landlord. I took her concerns seriously, but later after seeing what was going on with my own eyes, I saw the seriousness from a different perspective than others.

So I stopped Sara from continuing. While I had never met her before, and she seemed to think I was a stranger and didn’t realize I was a resident who had lived across the street from her for nearly an entire year, I knew all about her from all the documents that are posted on the internet. I read everything that was posted. All you had to do was Google the name “Mark Linares”, technically, even without the quotes and everything that came back was negative content about my neighbor and friend. All the content that came back was produced by the people who are requesting you to renew the restraining orders.

If you read through all the documents, which is quite a hefty burden, there are interesting quotes that I found and present to you the court —

First, I read John Schaff say that he harasses them because of the drama surround the neighbors wanting to buy the home the Linares live in.

Second, you can clearly read by their own declaration the offensive things that the neighbors say to the Linares family. It is a strange situation. The Linares are Christian and have hosted now many friends of mine, including those of the gay and lesbian community. To read the accusations against them is to believe what I read over reality.

Third, Sara and Brian threatened to do the same to me as they have done to the Linares, warning that they would call the cops and get a restraining order against me.

It was because I was fully aware of all their well documented drama, that I asked her to tag me in her video as I intended to share it on my blog. The Linares had already told me that the neighbors would try to provoke them like the paparazzi, by putting a camera in their face all the time. I had never witnessed this before because I commute every day and am gone early and come home late. However, I am witness to Sara and Brian doing just that to me. I called out loudly for Darryl, who was across the street in my apartment, and tried to maintain my calm. I was upset to see that the stories the Linares had told me were true.

I was shaking. I tried to maintain my composure and if Sara ever will post that video, that is the evidence itself. She has all my recorded words as well as her own. I do not wish to engage in harassment: to stand by and watch it happen to others without taking action, nor to be harassed by those who would obtain a restringing order for the express purpose of restraining the person they would like to harass.

The Linares family have been held prisoners on our block for the duration of the restraining orders which are due to expire.

If you find that the restraining orders need to be renewed, I will need to file complaint to protect myself.

Lastly, I spoke to the police department on multiple times that weekend, as they continued taking photos and being in our face. The police said that there is nothing that they have done which violate the restraining order. The Linares even went so far as to remove all home protection because the neighbors accuse them of using it as surveillance of them. Absurd. We live on the block next to the ghetto! Regardless, they have demonstrated and the police have documented that despite all accusations of violation and the necessity of restraint, that there is none required.

If the court of law finds restraint is required, I would like to humbly request that it would be to restrain those who have documented so throughly their own harassment. Maryline Linares, my friend and neighbor, has presented all documentation.

I am both a witness to Sara and Brian harassing the Linares, as well has witnessing their aggressive behaviors to instigate and provoke, using a restraining order as a shield to protect their abuse of civil rights.

I am well aware of the quotes that are out there on the internet, I used my technology skills to have all of them removed, as it is libelous slander. Google, Blogger, and other properties have removed content, as well as removing the entire personal blog of the harassers.


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