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Backstory on the Seymour Saga

Sonia Gioseffi: “I want to make sure that you are safe and aware of what happens when you start getting involved with police issues like a restraining order, though it sounds like you do — sorry if you took it as threatening.” — April 23, 2013 via email

Sonia repeatedly warned me… Yes Sonia, I know what happens. Social justice, even if justice isn’t met by law. I gave Sonia notice that I’m moving out and moving across the street. I found her repeated warnings threatening in and of themselves. And if I’m scared, I figured the Linares must be exhausted from the persecution. So I decided to move in to offer my support.

For Public Record in the Case of Seymour Street

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: sonia gioseffi <>
Date: Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 12:00 PM
Subject: Re: by the way
To: “Angela M. Baxley” <>

If you think that a block party would be beneficial for everyone and make the block a better place, then go for it. Plan it for a day which works best for everyone, and I will come by if I am home. I am not sure what type of report you would need to file. All I wanted to do was to make sure you are safe (even though I said I wouldn’t say that again) and aware of the situation.

— On Tue, 4/23/13, Angela M. Baxley <> wrote:

From: Angela M. Baxley <>
Subject: Re: by the way
To: “sonia gioseffi” <>
Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 7:00 PM

Thanks. You can refer to Officer Thompson at Park Station SFPD. She said that if you felt it was necessary then I can file a report. She laughed when I said I was going to start a reality tv show blog — my response to being filmed by the neighbors. She confirmed that I can video tape their house 24/7 and even post to my blog a live stream. There is no such thing as an agent. Restraining orders name specific people and those are the only ones which are applicable, and that does not extend to children, nor to even if I were to move in as a resident (free), or renter (paid). We had a good laugh and it made me feel better. I really don’t like gloomy cowardly people. It bums me out. Cops are much more fun — rowdy, confident, cocky, rambunctious and powerful. I talked to John. He’s down for the block party too. You’re the only one who wasn’t interested — is that still so? Perhaps if so, we can plan it for a weekend that you’re out of town so as not to be a nuisance? You never responded the block party part of the long email… [emoji heavy black heart] angela baxley

On Apr 23, 2013, at 6:15 PM, sonia gioseffi <> wrote:

Okay, okay – as long as I can make you laugh, then we are okay. And I will not say anything further about safety stuff.

— On Tue, 4/23/13, Angela M. Baxley <> wrote:

From: Angela M. Baxley <>
Subject: Re: by the way
To: “sonia gioseffi” <>
Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 5:40 PM

I did. I cracked up. It’s just awkward, I want you to feel safe to stop warning me that my safety is in jeopardy. I was scared from the first day I moved in, and the fear has certainly increased. Its just that the difference is “who”. I honestly thought you were exaggerating back then. But having Sara stand there and seeing her eyes, she’s nuts. I can’t wait for her to post that video. But I don’t and won’t fear them. And I don’t know what you mean about “getting involved with police issues like a restraining order” means? She threatened to call the cops on me and to get a restraining order on me. I told her she was welcome to, that that is the only means by which she can prevent me from being nice to her and her family. 🙂 What a crazy world. But she did just what I needed her to. Showed me who was the bad guy once and for all, for my own discernment. I love California. Don’t poke the bear! 🙂 I am concerned though — what is it that I should be concerned for my safety about? Obviously I’m missing something? Are these people even more dangerous than they appear? I mean, I take them pretty seriously.   [emoji heavy black heart] angela baxley

On Apr 23, 2013, at 5:32 PM, sonia gioseffi <> wrote:

Hey Angela, Wow, that was a long email. And the last line of my email was a joke, so I hope you found it funny enough. I want to make sure that you are safe and aware of what happens when you start getting involved with police issues like a restraining order, though it sounds like you do – sorry if you took it as threatening. But yes, it is probably easier to have a drink sometime.

— On Tue, 4/23/13, Angela M. Baxley <> wrote:

From: Angela M. Baxley <>
Subject: Re: by the way
To: “sonia gioseffi” <>
Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2013, 3:13 PM

you crack me up. i laughed out loud on the last line. 🙂 i actually am quite involved in the community — i’m close friends with the whole slew of people who were involved with pulling together The Mill.   i was just writing you an email actually. the gist: my focus is this block. seymour street, and my newfound family and friends the Linares. i know you want to buy the building behind us, thus I think you’re also interested in the financial impact of the bs that’s been going on.   i don’t want to mess with ‘the botwins’ across the street. i already talked to the cops. my boss contacted apple legal and we’re all good. i’m very well protected, so it’s just funny that I would happen to move onto this block and become interested. i waited all this time observing while my I had some of my people do some research. i know understand most of what’s underlying, and it leads me to you.   i want to share a drink because i want to know your story. you’re investing in this neighborhood. that’s ballsy. i want to know how you see this playing out. what’s your game? It seems Mark, Maryline, you, I, Chikodi, Udoka, Cam, Kent, Sybil, Justin, Ella all want the same things. I know that they all do, but I ASSUME you do too. I want to know.   our neighbors, ‘the botwins’ have to deal with it. the house will never be theirs. they can either figure out how to accomplish their goals where they live now, or move. they’re just people like everyone else.   what i don’t get is you. your name could be absolutely destroyed. all it takes one drink with one of my friends in local media. three blog posts later and you’re done. why do you risk it for these people? what’s in it for you? why are you risking your LIFE (name, reputation, career) on these people? are you not aware of the risk of being connected to corruption???   sonia, let’s talk. it’s much nicer to talk and things can be misconstrued in writing.   i would appreciate it if you would stop conveying to me threatening thoughts. your phone call about “repercussions” at work yesterday was bad enough, but its much much worse to put in writing things like “getting the police called on you” as it’s hard to know if that’s a threat or a joke. they did threaten to call the cops on me, but did not do so…   So my boss contacted Apple Legal yesterday (I have no privacy at work as we work in open collaborative space, he heard everything and then I had to explain for 30 minutes everything) and so I’m protected. They answered all the questions I had and validated all my thinking — I was correct on every point. Then they had me speak to the police (I thought it was weird, why isn’t our station on Fillmore??) and the cops know our block well. They think you guys are idiots. Apparently Sunday night while Darryl and I were in Napa they called the cops on Bear for violating the restraining order. I had tried to explain to the flat eyed Sara that children are not bound by restraining orders, but apparently they needed to have a cop do it. The cops came took their report and then I pick up the story from what Mark and Maryline told us last night. Mark could hear the conversation with the cop. Brian was trying to still convince him that the restraining order includes children as the cop is trying to leave the property. Hilarious. It made Mark feel good to hear the back story from the cop perspective after I told him about what happened to me thanks to your call while I was at work.   The thing is, bad will not win out over good. I’d like to understand your perspective, but please — I’m only interested in you. I want to know how you feel, and why you were motivated to act in such a rash manner. I am interested in knowing you as person. Maryline said you had a boyfriend but that he dumped you because of this drama. She cares for you, as strange as it might seem. She’s Christian and believes in love, and so she looks across the street and sees sadness. So I had in mind that we would just simply fix all that. Here’s my plan:

  1. Get you aligned with the cool people.
  2. Include you in the Facebook group — pretty much all the renters on the block.
  3. Include you in the planning the block party.
  4. I’d like to know your ‘type’. I have tons of friends and am good at connecting both friends and couples.
  1. Include you in the stuff
  1. Then imagine the block party: all the coolest people of SF.
  2. I wanted our house and the Linares to be the official block party hosts.
  3. Let’s give ’em something to talk about…

Then I’ll invest my money in San Francisco property. But honestly, I don’t think I could buy on this block. I don’t trust the collective energy here. I’m willing to help make it better and then….   So. You in? 🙂   [emoji heavy black heart] angela baxley

On Apr 23, 2013, at 2:45 PM, sonia gioseffi <> wrote:

If you are interested in getting involved in your local neighborhood community, you should look into the local neighborhood association for nopa: I went to one meeting, and it seemed like a nice group and a good mix of people. They meet every other month – I keep meaning to go to another meeting, but something always seems to come up on the meeting day. Maybe I will make it to the next meeting. Though it may not be as exciting as getting the police called on you, it still could be fun!


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