(Angela Baxley Glass) Gidget at Evening Muse

“Give it up for Gidget!” — My Debut at The Evening Muse in NoDa

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My debut on stage at The Evening Muse, NoDa, Charlotte:

It was something like a honky tonk rodeo clown trying to sing.

No tomatoes were harmed.

The back story is that my pal, and adopted Grandpa “Funky Geezer“, convinced me to get up and sing at the Evening Muse. I’d been singing for him over at Smelly Cat for a while, and had been working up my confidence to do something with it. Woody (Grandpa Geezer’s real first name) was to back me up. But night of, I end up on stage alone—So this is my a cappella, there’s reverb, I can’t hear anything, and maybe I’ll just be a comedianne instead break down on stage…

Grandpa Geezer couldn’t make it that night.

Thanks for watching! I’m proud to be a Muppet! 🙂

(Oh, I was going to do Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant, but there’s a time limit.)

Look for Gidget and Geezer, coming soon, to The Evening Muse. Meanwhile, check out Woody on America’s Got Talent: NoDa’s Funky Geezer kicks off new season of ‘America’s Got Talent’

ANNOUNCING! The MOOPETS show! tag your audition #moopetsrus!


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