Governor McCrory signs Hope 4 Haley and Friends HB 1220

North Carolina Governor McCrory Signs “Hope 4 Haley & Friends” making CBD Oils Legal Treatment

Cannabis calms the excess electrical activity in young developing minds.

CBD RSHO (photo by Angela Glass)

In March, my husband Darryl and I took to the road to capture the stories of several North Carolina families hoping to treat their children with cannabis.

Most of the children we met suffered from debilitating epilepsy, then there are those with epilepsy and leukemia, and others with epilepsy and either ADD or autism or both.

“Hope 4 Haley and Friends” (NC HB 1220) was born

After the interview, Sherena Ward and daughter Haley. Just four months later

After the interview, Sherena Ward and daughter Haley. Just four months later “Hope 4 Haley and Friends” was passed.

One mom we interviewed, Sherena Ward, contacted representative Pat McElraft and asked her to introduce the bill explaining how the oil was proving effective for the treatment of children in other states where the oil is legal. Sherena told Pat about us, and we promised to send the video as soon as possible. After finishing the interviews, we hurried back home to Charlotte to quickly edit and send the video to Pat.

Just four short months later House Bill 1220 was approved on June 26th, and today Governor Pat McCrory signed the bill celebrating with Haley and friends, and with fellow friend and supporter WBTV Charlotte reporter Molly Grantham.

“This law [the “North Carolina Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Act“] will help ease the suffering endured by children from whom no other treatments are effective against their seizures,” Governor McCrory said. “I want to congratulate the General Assembly for crafting a bill that not only improves the lives of many North Carolina children and their parents, but also provides common sense regulation and facilitates clinical research at our major research universities.”

House Bill 1220 was approved by a margin of 112-1 in the House and 45-0 in the Senate.


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