Are You There God? It's Me, Gidget, Correspondence

ello Johnny…

For Doubting Thomas—daddy says watch the Maze Runner

December 11th, 8:35pm

don’t forget you know my memory

that was not what you guys were talking about

is Yahoo a cover for you?

or do you actually work there too?

I work for another company


still in law school?

What do you think he meant?


i will ask chadwick, he’ll decipher for me

gotta run, it’s bedtime in the ‘hospital’


Sleep well.

I love you, old friend.

i understand, but now my love is for my husband alone, and i’ll have to recall the other greek forms to appropriately refer to my affection for you.

unfortunately we both know i love thomas.

i will carry your son into eternity

hope you meet us there

love, the angel of the demons

Angel, of Bird Rock

Friday 9:02pm

When do you get released?


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