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an adorable snow white princess dancing and skipping around the magic kingdom

hello cutie

disney abc? i always thought you were an adorable snow white princess dancing and skipping around the magic kingdom 🙂 or maybe minnie mouse. i once moved wisps of hair away from your eyes while you were chattering and discovered small ears. i guess that leaves miss mouse out.

after three major newspapers, i edited an abc project for a year (cd-roms on college football). then national columnist for fansonly/ocsn, espn, cbs and back to espn. of course, disney is tied to espn. to me, espn was heaven. i’m finally now retired. 

i kept my distance as always, but wanted to hug and hold you after your dog was killed. i would see you outside crying and i would go inside to cry, too. you are a very special person with incredible depth and feelings … there is so much hidden and undiscovered in that little head. 

very surprised you even remember me, but happy that you sent a note. assume you reached out to others you knew far better. you are the first person from the complex that i have had contact with. i stood across the street as a crane took one swipe to destroy the apartment i lived in for 20 years. so much for memories. i traveled for work often and never had close friends there.

i see you are happily married and still want to become president. do you and your husband miss north carolina? loved your wedding dress and perfect for you. i also read “apostate” by your daughter-in-law melissa. 

i now live two blocks from the beach and still build sand castles while looking for disney characters in clouds every day. or spunky gidgets 🙂

Bill Hodges via email

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