Disney Dick Pics via Selfie Stick

Dick Pics

Post dated to the date/time stamp of his sharing the Facebook album.
Disney Dick Pics
Dairenn’s Disney Dick Pics in my Facebook Feed

Dude. I don’t need my co-worker’s dick pics in my Facebook feed!

Uncensored Christmas in Miami, 2018 NSFW beach vacation photos.

“NSFW” but shared with female co-workers photo album (Facebook)

He has the audacity to request that you don’t share without permission.

Where was my opportunity to deny his permission to share with me?!

Honestly, I never want to see him again now. How can you take a co-worker who takes and posts dick pics with a selfie stick seriously?!

P.S. I reported him to work since I didn’t know him except for work, and because other female coworkers he’s added to the uncensored album are uncomfortable with dealing with HR and don’t know how to face a man after he’s violated her right to not know.


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