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The Last Week of Daniel's Prophecy, and Revelation (by Angela Glass, 2019)
The Last Week of Daniel’s Prophecy, and Revelation (by Angela Glass, 2019)

I am sharing a spreadsheet that I created using for the Day of Trumpets dates, then adding the days as detailed by Daniel & Revelation, to seek a match for the ending “appointed time” of The Day of Atonement.

While 2017-2024 matches I believe we haven’t seen any of the dramatic events of the apocalypse from Revelation which seem to be immediately apparent to observers at that time…

I believe 2020-2027 to be the match all are looking for, as it also aligns to the prophecy that “this generation will not have passed away until all these things shall have taken place” (Matt 24:28) with “the length of our days is seventy years—or eighty if we are strong”. (Psalms 90:10)

Those born in 1948 would turn 80 years old in 2028, after the end of this seven year period ending September 2027.

Reasoning—Israel became a sovereign nation on 14 May 1948, given this as the opening event of literal prophetic fulfillment, we count from here forward to the end of 80 years where within this time period we would expect fulfillment.

2022-2029 just two short years later would be outside “this generation” (that saw Israel become a nation again) as they would be 81 years old (beyond the definition of Psalms 90:10).

To me, it appears based on all the pieces of scripture that the Day of Atonement would begin sundown September 11th, 2027 and that it all begins next fall.

It seems timely, as Trump pushes his “deal of a century” having his son-in-law Kushner attempt to broker “Peace in the Middle East” following this April’s election in Israel, and before the United States elections of November 3, 2020.

I’ve included additional reasoning below the spreadsheet, and I’m interested in any input, feedback, or correction.

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