Hear ye, Hear ye

Bang the drum!

I declare a day of peace, happiness, and harmony in your environment while I dedicate my self to writing. But first, narrating a video via text for a blind friend, finding a new place for a cappuccino, and the ocean waves.

Peace is before War, remember please. Enjoy the lives of those still living around you, bring pleasure to people. Be the little joy in someone’s day. Lift a fellow up. In short, love.

Bring sunshine into all that you do. Be happy!

Live like you’re a Muppet, life now is but a mere movie in your dream’s first night of dreaming.

You can change the world, you know. Life is like a video game, where you start each anew with the knowledge you’ve gained from the day prior.

I never emailed Gidget to tell her my logic on no longer running for President, did I?


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