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Baxley \bax-ley\ as a boy’s name is of Middle English origin, and the meaning of Baxley is “baker’s meadow”.

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man, Bake me a cake as fast as you canPat it and roll it and mark it with a B, And put it in the oven for …”

from Latin Adrianus/Hadrianus, literally “of the Adriatic”, (German) Dark.
from an English surname which was derived from a place name meaning “elder tree forest” in Old English.

“the Star of the Spoils of Righteous Warfare”

Happy warfare. Spoils of war. From the Old English name Eadgyth, meaning rich or happy, and war.
— Star

Aedelric ‘adel’ meaning noble and ‘ric’- a ruler (noble ruler). See related etymology, Niblick.

— Variant of the Scottish surname Melville, from a place name Malleville in Normandy (literally “region settled by Vikings;” from Normand (see Norman) with ties to Scotland and Ireland.), from Latinmala (“bad”) + Old Frenchville (“settlement”). Used to Anglicize Mac Gille Beathain in Scotland, and Ó Maoil Mhín in Ireland.
— from Ancient Greek Γεώργιος (Geōrgios), from γεωργός (geōrgos, “farmer”).

“Farmer of the bad land.”


Invented by Michael Balfe for the lead role in his opera “The Bohemian Girl” (1843). May be seen as a form of Arlen, Irish Gaelic for “promise”. Celtic, the name Arlen means “an oath”; Celtic languages are divided into two groups: Gaelic or Goidelic: comprising the Scottish “Gaidhlig”, Irish (Gaeilge) and Manx (Gailck) – the latter being from the Isle of Man.

— Gift from God

“a Gift from God who took an oath.”

“‘Gave your firstborn, mom? What secret do you yet keep that would make you burn memories into ashes as if earth could repay?,’ asks Angela.”


(German) Maid of the Glorious Day. Old Norse name Dagmær: dagr meaning day and mar meaning maid.
 (Hebrew) Grace

“Maid of the Glorious Day of Grace”


— Messenger of God
Bitter; wished for child of rebellion


nob-lic, see Aedelric Niblock, a leopard passant holding in the dexter paw a trefoil slipped.


—  the Flowering Evergreen of Scotland
— Reborn


Given, a reward: a Gift of
— YeHoWaH as my strength.


— ancient name of Ire’land, from Old English Erinn, dative of Eriu “Ireland” (see Irish (n.)). As a girl’s name in U.S.
— Star

“Star of Ire’land”

Philip — From the Greek name Φιλιππος (Philippos) which means “friend of horses”, composed of the elementsφιλος (philos) “friend, lover” and ‘ιππος(hippos) “horse”. This was the name of five kings of Macedon, including Philip II the father of Alexander the Great. The name appears in the New Testament belonging to two people who are regarded as saints. First, one of the twelve apostles, and second, an early figure in the Christian church known as Philip the Deacon.

Darryl — d’ari’el (Lion of God), d‘Airel, name of a Norman family that came from a place Airelle in Calvados. Means “beloved”.

  1. Adrian Stephen — “Crown of the Adriatic”
  2. Jamie Viviana — “Supplanter Full of Life”
  3. Melissa Andrea — “Brave Honeybee”
  4. Gianna Vanessa — “Butterfly of God’s Graciousness”


  1. Hebrew, marah, glass (Marah, Mary) “God spoke to Israel in a vision at night” (Gen 46:2); mira, mirror; marah also “bitter”, “contentious” I. מַרְאָה noun feminine vision, as means of revelation: ׳מ absoluteNumbers 12:6 (E), 1 Samuel 3:15Daniel 10:16, as accusative of congnate meaning with verb Daniel 10:7Daniel 10:7Daniel 10:8; apparently plural absolute מַרְאוֺת Ezekiel 43:3, but read מַרְאֵה הָרֶכֶב ᵐ5 Co Berthol Siegf Krae, or strike out Toy Krae (as alternative); construct מַרְאוֺת הַלַּיְלָהGenesis 46:2 (E), מַרְאוֺת אֱלֹהִים Ezekiel 1:1Ezekiel 8:3Ezekiel 40:2.II. [מַרְאָה] noun feminine mirror (so Vrss; as place, or instrument, of seeing (oneself)); — plural construct מַרְאֹת הַצֹּבְאֹת Exodus 38:8 (P) the mirrors of the serving-women (see Di). 
  2. Hebrew, zekokith, glass from zakak: to be bright, clean or pure
  3. Greek 5194hýalos – a clear transparent stone, glass. Original Word: ὕαλος, ου, ἡ Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine 5194 (hýalos) refers to any transparent substance (like crystal), i.e. “see-through stones.” On both of its occasions in the NT, 5194 (“pure, transparent glass”) refers to the New Jerusalem – “apparently a metaphor (personification) of all the glorified saints, serving as the eternal dwelling place of God” (G. Archer).

See related individual tree branches:

Adam & Eve

  1. Seth ben Adam
  2. Enos Enosh ben Seth
  3. Cainan Kenan Quynan ben Enosh
  4. Mahalalel Mahalaleel ben Cainan
  5. Jared Yared ben Mahalalel
  6. Enoch ben Jared
  7. Methuselah ben Enoch
  8. Lamech ben Methuselah of Seth
  9. Noah of the Ark ben Lamech
  10. Shem ben Noah
  11. Arphaxad ben Shem
  12. Shelah Salah Shalikh, King of Babylon
  13. Eber Heber ‘Aybar, King of Babylon
  14. Peleg Falikh ben Eber, King of Babylon
  15. Ra’u Reu Rau, King of Lagash
  16. Serug Saragh, King of Ur & Agade
  17. Nahor Nahur, King of Ur & Agade
  18. Terah Terih, King of Agade Gen. 11:24-32
  19. Abram Abraham Ibrahim ben Terah and Sarah
  20. Isaac ben Abram
  21. Jacob Israel ben Isaac a.k.a. Kronos
  22. Judah Judea Tamur, King of Goshen Israelite Tribe of Judah, a.k.a. Zeus “Zhe-ut” Yehud
  1. Cain
  2. Mahalaleel
  3. Jared
  4. Enoch
  5. Methuselah
  6. Lamech
  7. Noah
  8. Japhet
  9. Magog
  10. Boath
  11. Phoeniusa Farsaidh
  12. Niul
  13. Gadhol Gael Gathelus
  14. Easru
  15. Sru
  16. Heber Scot
  17. Beouman
  18. Ogaman
  19. Tait
  20. Aghenoin
  21. Lamhfionn
  22. Heber Glunfionn
  1. Zerah ben Judah
  2. Darda Dardanus Dara, “The Egyptian”, King of Arcadia, Founder of Troy
  3. Erichthonius, King of Dardania
  4. Tros of Acadia, King of Dardania
  5. Ilus Ilos, King of Troy
  6. Laomedan Laomedon, King of Troy
  7. Priam Podarces I, King of Troy High, King of Troy
  8. Helenus I of Troy, King of Epirus, King of the Scythians
  9. Zenter Cestrinus, King of Troy Genger of the Scythians
  10. Francus, King of Troy Franco of the Scythians
  11. Esdron, King of Troy
  12. Gelio Zelius Gelso Zelis, King of Troy
  13. Bosabiliano Basebelian Basavelian I, King of Troy
  14. Plaserio Plaserius I, King of Troy
  15. Plesron I, King of Troy
  16. Eliacor, King of Troy
  17. Zaberian, King of Troy
  18. Plaserius II, King of Troy
  19. Antenor I, King of Troy
  20. Priam II, King of Troy
  21. Helenus II, King of Troy
  22. Plesron II, King of Troy
  23. Basabelian II, King of Troy
  24. Alexander alexandre, King of Troy
  25. Priam III, King of the Cimmerians
  26. Gentilanor, King of the Cimmerians
  27. Almadius, King of the Cimmerians
  28. Dilulius, King of the Cimmerians
  29. Helenus III, King of the Cimmerians
  30. Plaserius III Plaserio, King of the Cimmerians
  31. Dilulius Diluglio II, King of Trojan of the Cimmerians
  32. Marcomir I, King of the Cimmerians
  33. Priam IV, King of the Cimmerians
  34. Helenus IV, King of the Cimmerians
  35. Antenor I Exium, King of the Cimmerians
  36. Marcomer I, King of the Cimmerians
  37. Antenor II, King of the Cimmerian
  38. Priamus, King of the Sicambri
  39. Helenus V of the Trojan Cimmerians Sicambri
  40. Diocles Lord of the Sicambri
  41. Bassanus “the Great”, King of the Sicambri
  42. Clodomir I Lord of the Sicambri
  43. Nicanor Lord of the Sicambri
  44. Marcomer II Lord of the Sicambri
  45. Clodius I Lord of the Sicambri
  46. Antenor III Lord of the Sicambri
  47. Clodomir II Lord of the Sicambri
  48. Merovachus Lord of the Sicambri
  49. Cassander Lord of the Sicambri
  50. Antharius Lord of the Sicambri
  51. Francus Lord of the Sicambri
  52. Clodius Clogio II, King of the Franks
  53. Marcomer III, King of the Franks
  54. Clodomir III, King of the Franks
  55. Antenor III, King of the Franks
  56. Ratherius, King of the Franks
  57. Richemir I, King of the Franks
  58. Odomir, King of the Franks
  59. King Marcomir of the Franks
  60. King Clodomir IV of the Franks
  61. King Farabert of the Franks
  62. King Sunno of the Franks
  63. King Hilderic
  64. King Bartherus
  65. King Clodius III
  66. King Walter
  67. King Dagobert
  68. King Clodomir V
  69. King Richemir II
  70. King Theodomir
  71. King Clodius IV
  72. King Dagobert
  73. King Genebald
  74. Argotta Rosamunde, Princess of Scambri, Queen of Salic Franks
  75. Clodion V Le Chevelu France
  76. Merovaeus Merovech I Merovingian, King of the Salian Franks
  77. Childeric I Franks, King of Franks
  78. Clovis I France, King of the Franks
  79. Clotaire Choltar Charles I “The Old” Merovingian, King of the Franks
  80. Blithildis Berthe Aldeberge Meroving Princess of Merovian Franks
  81. Arnoaldus XXVII Descheldt Bodegeisel Metz Bishop
  82. Lady Dode Of Saxony Clothilde de Heristal
  83. Ansiglsel de Metz Margrave of Scheldt
  84. Pepin le Gros II de Heristal Mayor of the Palaces of Austrasia
  85. Childebrand I de Perracy Duke of Burgundy
  86. Nivelon I “The Historian” Perracy
  87. Nivelon II
  88. Terric
  89. Waleran Chevalier Count of the Vexin
  90. Walter I de Tirel
  91. Ralf Sire de Tirel de Poix and de Quemanville
  92. Fulke De Tirel Seigneur of Guemanville and Dean of Evreux
  93. Walter I Tyrrell Sir, Knight
  94. Walter II De Tirel Sir
  95. Walter III Tyrrell Sir, Knight
  96. Hugh I Tyrrell Sir, Prince of Poix
  97. Walter IV Tyrrell Sir Knight
  98. Walter Thomas Tyrrell
  99. Thomas Tyrrell
  100. John Tyrrell Sir
  101. William Tyrrell Esq. Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk
  102. Dorothy Tyrrell
  103. Margaret Boteler
  104. Elizabeth Harmon Payne
  105. Dorothy Margerie Leonard
  106. Robert Calvert
  107. Anne Marie Calvert
  108. Thomas Beall
  109. Elizabeth Beall
  110. Elizabeth Dryden
  111. Elijah Moore
  112. Christiana Moore
  113. Anna Carter
  1. Perez ben Judah
  2. Hezron ben Perez
  3. Ram Aram ben Hezron
  4. Aminadab ben Aram
  5. Nashon Naasson ben Aminadab
  6. Salma Salmon
  7. Boaz Ephrathite ben Salmon
  8. Obed the Ephrathite ben Boaz
  9. Jesse Abinadah Nahash
  10. King David ben Jesse
  11. King Solomon ben “Judah” David
  12. King Rehoboam ben Solomon
  13. King Abijah Abijam ben Rehoboam
  14. King Asa ben Abijah
  15. King Jehosaphat ben Asa
  16. King Jehoram ben Jehosaphat
  17. King Ahaziah ben Jehoram
  18. King Joash ben Ahaziah
  19. King Amaziah ben Joash
  20. King Uzziah Azariah ben Amaziah
  21. King Jotham ben Uzziah
  22. King Ahaz ben Jotham
  23. King Hezekiah ben Ahaz
  24. King Manasseh ben Hezekiah
  25. King Amon ben Manasseh
  26. King Josiah ben Amon
  27. King Zedekiah Mattaniah ben Josiah Judah
  28. Tea Tephi bint Zedekiah Judah married the Prince of the Scarlet Thread
  29. Giallchadh mac Oilioll Olchaoin, King of Ireland
  30. Nuadhat I Fionnfoil mac Giallchadh
  31. Áedan Aodham Glas, King of Ireland
  32. Siomon Breac mac Aodhan Glas
  33. Muireadhach I Bolgrach mac Siomon
  34. Fiacha Tolgrach Heremon
  35. Duach II Ladhgrach mac Fiachadh Tolgrach
  36. Eochaidh Buadhach
  37. Úgaine Mór, King of Ireland
  38. Cobthach Cóel Breg, King of Ireland
  39. Meilge Molbthach, King of Ireland
  40. Irereo Fáthach, King of Ireland
  41. Connla Cáem Cruaidchelgach, King of Ireland
  42. Ailill Caisfiaclach, King of Ireland
  43. Eochaid Ailtlethan Foltlethan, King of Ireland
  44. Óengus Tuirmech Temrach, King of Ireland
  45. Énna Aignech
  46. Labehra Labhra Suire Lorc
  47. Blathucha Blathacht
  48. Easamasn Easmhna Easamhun Ruadh
  49. Roighnen Ruadh
  50. Feneogha Finnlogha
  51. Finn
  52. Eochu Eochaid Feidlech High, King of Ireland
  53. Lugaid Riab nDerg High, King of Ireland
  54. Crimthann Nia Náir High, King of Ireland
  55. Feradach Finnfechtnach High, King of Ireland
  56. Fíachu Finnolach High, King of Ireland
  57. Túathal Techtmar High, King of Ireland
  58. Fedlimid Rechtmar High, King of Ireland
  59. Conn Cétchathach “of the Hundred Battles” High, King of Ireland
  60. Art Óenfer mac Cuinn High, King of Ireland
  61. Cormac mac Airt ua Cuinn, King of Ireland
  62. Cairbre Lifechair, King of Ireland
  63. Fiacha Sraibhtine, King of Ireland
  64. Muiredach Tirech, King of Ireland
  65. Eochaid Mugmedón, King of Ireland
  66. Niall Noígíallach “Niall of the Nine Hostages”, King of Ireland
  67. Eoghan Foghan Owen mac Néill, King of Ireland, King of Tír Eoghain, and Prince of Inis Eoghain
  68. Eirc , King of Dalriada in Ireland
  69. Fergus Mór, King of Dalradia in Argyleshire
  70. Domangart Réti mac Ferguso, King of Dalriada in Argyleshire
  71. Gabrán mac Domangairt “the Treacherous”, King of Dalriada
  72. Áedán mac Gabráin, King of Dalriada
  73. Eochaid I Buidhe, King of Dalriada and the Picts
  74. Domnall Brecc , King of Scotland and Dalriada
  75. Dongart Macdomnail Domongart Scotland
  76. Eochaid II of Scotland, King of Dalriada
  77. Eochaid III, King of Scotland and Dalriada
  78. Aodh Hugh Fionn “the White”, King of Scotland and Dalriada
  79. Eochaid Achaius IV, King Of The Scots “The Poisonous”
  80. Alpin mac Echdach Kintyre, King of Dal Riata
  81. Kenneth Kinet I Mac Alpin, King Of The Scots
  82. Constantine I, King Of The Scots
  83. Donald II Dasachtach, King Of The Scots
  84. Malcolm I, King Of The Scots
  85. Kenneth II, King Of The Scots
  86. Malcolm II Mac Kenneth, King Of The Scots
  87. Doda De Falaise
  88. Harlette Herleva De Falaisse
  89. Adelaide Adeliza of Normandy
  90. Stephen Blois Champagne Holderness d’Aumale
  91. Ada d’Aumale
  92. Walter IV Tyrrell Sir Knight
  93. Walter Thomas Tyrrell
  94. Thomas Tyrrell
  95. John Tyrrell Sir
  96. William Tyrrell Esq. Sheriff of Norfolk & Suffolk
  97. Dorothy Tyrrell
  98. Margaret Boteler
  99. Elizabeth Harmon Payne
  100. Dorothy Margerie Leonard
  101. Robert Calvert
  102. Anne Marie Calvert
  103. Thomas Beall
  104. Elizabeth Beall
  105. Elizabeth Dryden
  106. Elijah Moore
  107. Christiana Moore
  108. Anna Carter
  1. Agnan Fionn
  2. Febric Glas
  3. Nenuall
  4. Nuadhad
  5. Alladh
  6. Arcadh
  7. Deag
  8. Brath
  9. Breoghan
  10. Bilé
  11. Milesius, Gallam, William Conqueror of Ireland
  12. Heremon
  13. Irial Faidh Heremon
  14. Eithrial Heremon
  15. Foll-Aich Heremon
  16. Tighernmas Heremon
  17. Enboath Heremon
  18. Smiomghall Heremon
  19. Fiacha Labhrainn Heremon
  20. Aongus Olmucach Heremon
  21. Main Heremon
  22. Rotheachtach Heremon
  23. Dein Heremon
  24. Siorna Saoghlach mac Dian King of Ireland
  25. Eochaidh Oilioll Olchaoin I the Heremon Prince of the Scarlet Thread

See Irish Prince and the Hebrew Prophet.

Angela Marié Niblick Baxley married Philip Darryl Glass

who fathered with Maria Angela Quezada four beautiful children…

Adrian Stephen Quezada Glass

“Crown of the Adriatic”

Jamie Viviana Glass

Supplanter Full of Life

Melissa Andrea

Brave Honeybee

Gianna Vanessa

“Butterfly of God’s Graciousness”