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Philip Darryl Glass

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Progressive, experienced, and successful information technology professional with achievements in a broad range of IT roles.All-Along-the-Watchtower-sheet-music-page_4528-2-1

My recent career roles have been as a software implementation consultant for business systems, specifically in manufacturing and distribution environments.

As such I have performed tasks of business and process analyst, team leader, project manager, software developer, computer programmer, support analyst, trainer, technician, database administrator, and more. I thrive when working with people, whether as customers or peers, and when there is variety and challenge in my work.

I enjoy designing resolutions to complex issues with creative, intelligent and practical solutions, and leading teams of people to do so cooperatively.

Systems Proficiencies

    • Infor SyteLine ERP
    • Infor SyteLine Shipping & Logistics (Pacejet)
    • Infor Service Management (SM-Plus)
    • Foresight MXP
    • PECAS Vision ERP
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • SQL Server Management Studio
    • SSRS
    • Progress OpenEdge
    • Crystal Reports
    • UPS WorldShip
  • FedEx Ship Manager

Philip Darryl Glass

Pacejet Logistics, Inc.

Implementation Consultant

1/09 – 9/13

This software company develops and provides services for the Infor SyteLine ERP add-on Infor SyteLine Shipping and Logistics (previously Pacejet.) My role was to provide implementation services for this product, typically in conjunction with new SyteLine ERP implementations.

Through this role my knowledge and expertise in shipping, logistics, and warehousing expanded. Also by working along extensively with SyteLine ERP consultants during those implementations, I maintained an active working knowledge of SyteLine. Since these systems were fully integrated, I often collaborated with SyteLine consultants and project managers to create solutions or solve problems involving both systems. Due to the typically highly technical requirements of implementing Pacejet, I developed greater skills with MS SQL Server, including system administration and SQL programming.

Single Source Systems, Inc.

ERP Implementation Consultant

8/05 – 12/08

This software company developed and provided complete services for the Infor SyteLine ERP add-on for service management, developed and provided services for the standalone service management software solution Infor Service Management (previously SM-Plus), partnered with Infor to sell and provide implementation services for SyteLine ERP, also developed and provided services for the service management add-on to Sage 500 ERP (previously Sage ERP MAS 500.) My role was to provide implementation services for all of these products. While I provided consulting services for all of these products, I primarily worked as lead consultant on new implementations of SyteLine ERP, a complete information technology solution for mid-size manufacturers.

While I had previously worked with SyteLine systems using Progress RDBMS, I transitioned to the newer version built on MS SQL Server. With my background in software design, analysis and development, especially within the SyteLine environment, I was armed with a broader toolset beyond those provided within the application for issue resolution involving data.

An implementation consultant must operate according to many guiding principles, since the degree of success that a business experiences is highly dependent of the quality of its use of information technology. I focused on emphasizing best practices in process definition, involvement of managers and key individuals in process and policy decisions, promoting open communication, educating beyond training, sticking to a systematic approach to implementation and meeting project goals, and motivating individuals to take ownership of the system solution.

I believe strongly in respecting people, their knowledge and abilities, inviting contribution, and empowering responsible people to make good decisions and act on them. I am also strongly customer driven, believing that customer satisfaction bears the most important measure of consulting success, understanding that the degree of satisfaction with results has tremendous consequential impact on the customer’s business and on my employer as the provider of services.

Independent Consultant

11/96 – 7/05

ABB, Inc.

ABB has many multinational locations, sometimes growing through acquisitions. One company they acquired had no integrated system so they were implementing SyteLine ERP. I mostly developed tools to help them capture product data as efficiently as possible, building the item master, routing and BOM tables, bypassing the standard SyteLine UI and still enforcing data validation rules.

Emcore Corporation

Mapped data and created data loading programs for a new corporate acquisition to bring the new company’s data into SyteLine V4, including the sales order backlog, production routings and bills of material. Work was all accomplished remotely.

Kentucky Trailer

Through a long term Robert Half contract with this company using SyteLine ERP, I supported the IT Director with various IT initiatives using Progress V8 technologies, analyzing requirements and departmental requests and developing solutions. The primary initiative supported was to implement lean manufacturing. This included new user applications, reports, and tools, such as an application to flatten deep level engineering BOMs, also to replace component material items, and manipulating data in Excel spreadsheets. With my SyteLine applications knowledge and understanding of MRP, I was also instrumental in improving the SyteLine implementation among the various departments through training users or resolving their issues with approved enhancements. I accomplished numerous tasks requiring advanced knowledge of manufacturing processes and deep analysis.

Green Printing and Packaging, division of Chesapeake Corporation

This company had a number of small issues operating with their PECAS ERP system, and due to the recent company acquisition they needed to interface financials into Chesapeake’s JD Edwards software. I assisted the IT Manager with resolutions by analyzing issues and then programming solutions, bug fixes, and new development to fulfill departmental requests. I also developed AR and AP interfaces between the two systems.


Through a long term Teksystems contract with this company using SyteLine ERP, I developed enhancements and custom applications built around SyteLine, using Progress V8 technologies. These enhancements typically automated processes that were very time consuming and repetitive for users following manual procedures. This included an application to automate creation of custom job BOMs based on order configurations, also a complete application to maintain data for engineering technical drawings, with compliance rules applied to the data. I assisted nearly all departments through enhancements, application consulting, or training.

Crowder Construction

I supported the IT Manager to fix programming issues and develop new solutions related to their COINS business system, using Progress V6 technology.

Progress Software

I was engaged by Progress to assist an unhappy customer with data and application problems. I identified and resolved issues with the design and programming of their custom applications.

IKON Office Solutions

In this long term contract I supported the IT department to analyze business requirements and develop solutions to enhance or integrate with their Astea Dispatch-1 system. This included developing an interface for that system with their new custom designed Product Distribution System using Progress V7 technology.

Symix Computer Systems

This was a contract-to-hire position as a Software Developer for SyteLine software. I was assigned to the ‘business rules’ development team. My first task was working with a team of three developers to investigate ways to make the system more efficient over wide area networks. After that I had a life changing experience and worked primarily on bug fixes until the contract term expired.

National Health Services

This company had a backlog of enhancement projects for an in-house system supporting managed care for other organizations. Working from general requirements, I designed and developed solutions with enhanced features, using Progress V7 technology, until the backlog was eliminated.

Daisy Products, Inc.

5/95 – 10/96

Daisy was in the process of moving off a legacy mainframe system onto a Progress/UNIX based ERP system (MXP), reducing IT staffing and redefining business processes for improved efficiencies. I worked under the supervision of the IT Director. I was assigned first to reorganize their inventory management. This included redefining shop floor inventory control as well as new warehouse organization. I employed quality principles and methods, understanding and championing customer and supplier chains and supporting continuous improvement. This resulted in greatly improved employee buy-in and inventory accuracy, also overall reduction of inventory levels. I was also responsible for implementing the customer order processing application, including transfer of years of order data from the legacy system into the MXP. During this period, they also established a remote manufacturing facility, for which I was responsible for the technology and communications infrastructure, as well as the design and development of shop floor and inventory applications.

California Microwave, Inc.

9/94 – 4/95

Leveraging recently acquired skills in Progress 4GL and RDBMS and in SyteLine, I assisted a microwave technology manufacturer upgrade to a new version of SyteLine. My role there was to research existing applications with customizations with the intent of reducing the overall number of customizations, redefining processes to utilize standard system functionality. In cases where standard functionality did not fill the business need, I programmed new customizations with improvements. My focus when coding was always quality and efficiency. This company ultimately offered me a full time position but I did not want to relocate my family to Chicago.

American Trützschler, Inc.

3/84 – 8/94

Computer Programmer

My first position in information technology. Although I was not able to pursue higher education, I used college materials to do self-study on computer programming and systems analysis to qualify for this entry-level position. In this role I did programming, system admin, solution design, user support, hardware installation and repairs, maintaining and enhancing a custom-developed business computer system.

IT Administrator

In this heightened role, I became the only IT employee. In addition to existing responsibilities, I became responsible for expanding the role of technology throughout the business, focused primarily on a custom fully integrated system for manufacturing and accounting. My primary directive was to maintain and improve the existing system. This included maintenance of office applications and selection of new ones, including accounting, sales, engineering, CAD, customer order processing, inventory, planning (MRP), purchasing, shop floor control, costing, warehousing, and shipping. While in this role, personal computing was introduced to the business, and later networking. I designed, installed, and supported the network infrastructure, spanning two buildings on the premises. 

IT Manager

In this further expanded role that arose due to business growth and reorganization, an IT department was formed. I was additionally responsible for IT budgeting and staffing. To handle greater systems demand and bring systems up to date with current technology, I researched and selected a new ERP system, Symix (later known as SyteLine.) I hired two additional people and led the implementation of this new system, defining new and improved processes, technologies (such as bar coding), and efficiencies, training employees, while ensuring data security as B2B interoperability was taking hold. During this period I was also a key promoter and user of TQM methodologies, ultimately leading to ISO 9000 certification.

Wachovia Bank & Trust

2/81 – 2/84

My first job out of high school… I progressed rapidly to Senior Teller, handling a full range of position duties, including customer relations, banking transactions, vault, collections, business referrals, etc.

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