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Mr. Zalkin,

I have been considering reaching out to you regarding my own personal experience with the Watchtower. I’m 33 years old, and was baptized as a JW at 12 years of age. I married ‘a brother’ the night before I turned 17, and subsequently was abused for the four years of marriage.

During that time, while still underage (living in North Carolina), I was raped. When I returned home, my husband immediately called the elders and it became a judicial committee. They “handled it” the same way they handle pedophile cases. I was reminded (as I had already been told in regards to my husband’s abuse) that contacting the police “would bring reproach upon Jehovah’s name” and it was “discerned” that in my case, it was not rape, since I could not recall whether or not I had screamed or said “no”. (It is assumed that I was drugged as I was not fully conscious, hence difficulty with remembering details to satisfy the elder’s questions.)

They reproved me for the rape, and later I was disfellowshipped for being unrepentant when I kicked out my abusive husband who continued abuse, including raping me himself that night (to prove that he still claimed me as wife, instead of exercising his ‘right’ to divorce me).

I don’t know what is and is not a legal case but I wanted to offer my support, and my ‘case’ if there should be one, in the fight against the Watchtower’s horrific handling of children in the congregation who have been abused. I understand your cases focus on pedophila, and mine is different, but just in case it’s something that could be used against this awful organization, I wanted to reach out to you. Continue reading

Are You There God? It's Me, Gidget

Melvin and Mom document July 10-27, 2011

Dad’s statement of events July 10th & 14th

Dad begins with July 10th, as I call him and let him know something strange has happened, but not to worry, I’m fine… I told him I’d explain more whatever it was that had happened after I’d have a few weeks to “come down” from all the drugs they had just pumped into me.

Dad documents…

10th? Angela in Hospital 1st time
Get out called, said she — not crazy external —
2 or 3 days later called grounded
euphoric wanted me to promise to come out
had plenty of money, personal chef, chauffeur, etc

→ had to sit down, wanted to walk on beach, had to sit down

14th next day or — Matt called said police called taking her to hospital not coherent

Mom’s statement of events

I knew you were in hospital—how?—I was upset they let you go without us being there for you.


  • Mike PERT message.
  • Called back spoke to Mike with you in the background,
  • Instructed us to call Wednesday… meanwhile… 

“Info from family member, probably be taking her to see some drs”—Mike Hammer, July 14th voicemail hides truth; took me to county mental

14th We listened to Matthew (my brother; see note about police above)

15th Carry on all night. Booked flight

16th Left (next morning) [from Charlotte for San Diego]

July 15th: Notes from Momma’s conversation with Barbara

She is still there, the friend was mistaken

Mom: Relief

Yes ma’am

AB called & wants me to have her released. I said you are addicted to pot, she said can you call my mother please she can get me released. I said no and hung up. She should be trying you next.

Sticking together here.

Mom: She must have called, couldn’t hear. Is she in Alvarado Hospital?

Don’t know she is in the psychiatric hospital for the county.

Still not ready to listen but on lithium for bipolar.

So she told someone…

I Googled drug interaction tips. Good info. (I meant intervention.)

July 16

3853 Rosecrans St.
San Diego 92110

July 17: Notes from Momma’s conversation with Barbara

Definitely caffeine addiction, favorite place Bird Rock Coffee in Bird Rock neighborhood. AB runs their blog —Editor’s note: not true never had anything to do with their blog— she is there every day

Told me tried all hard drugs in South by South West conference in March including LSD —Editor’s note: also not true, as my friends know— May be interacting with other drugs.

Yes did tell me there was an accident but she was all ready not sleeping 5 days when that happened. It was NOT the match so to speak. —Editor’s note: again, read the diary, and you’ll see she got it wrong.

She was brought in by PERT team from Boo Radley‘s house on Saturday a week ago that fact was told to Mike Hammer the PERT officer from her area when she w—

She was picked up on Thursday —again

Editor’s note—Momma is recording notes from her conversation with Barbara and is now piecing together just how long I’ve been MIA in California…

was picked up on Thursday.

She is also bipolar or something other serious psych issue. If you read her blog at she outlines her issues herself. The by products of bip—

Editor’s note: funny, even momma couldn’t write her notes without breaking here… I’m not bipolar. My mother knows this. 

—olor include mania. Paranoia, High sex drive and other factors.

My mother stops taking notes.

Voicemail Messages

July 14th

“Info from family member, probably be taking her to see some drs”—Mike Hammer

July 16

Brother called left voicemail, you called in AM…

[Insert photos of my mother’s documenting the interaction details.]

She used to be the clerk of court for the Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina courthouse.