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Backstory on the Seymour Saga

Sonia Gioseffi: “I want to make sure that you are safe and aware of what happens when you start getting involved with police issues like a restraining order, though it sounds like you do — sorry if you took it as threatening.” — April 23, 2013 via email

Sonia repeatedly warned me… Yes Sonia, I know what happens. Social justice, even if justice isn’t met by law. I gave Sonia notice that I’m moving out and moving across the street. I found her repeated warnings threatening in and of themselves. And if I’m scared, I figured the Linares must be exhausted from the persecution. So I decided to move in to offer my support.

For Public Record in the Case of Seymour Street

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Brian Burchmore, Wells Fargo / Wholesale Information Services (WISe)

Sad and Silly Seymour Street

I live on Seymour Street, a little alley street a half block off Divisadero. When I found my apartment I was smitten. I overlooked the no-light-basement location for it’s bright interior lights and in unit full size washer and dryer. I also overlooked my land lady’s crazy stories about the neighbors.

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